Alexina Prather

The co-founder of Garbage to Gold, an innovative solution to reducing food waste by converting it into nutrient-rich soil.

When Alexina Prather moved to Miami from Massachusetts, she felt it was “an incredible city in which anyone who wanted to could get involved and make a difference.”

“Being able to have access to a program like that, and the fact that it’s free and offered to anyone in the community, is just incredible.”

Aside from pursuing a masters degree in Sustainable Business at the University of Miami, she wanted to dig in and be more hands-on. The CLEAR program was a way for her to learn what was happening in her own backyard. Through CLEAR, she was inspired to find a way to show people how to do "little things that really add up."

Alexina joined forces with her partner Antonio to start an initiative called Garbage to Gold.

“It formed out of the idea that we want to do more with our food waste but also want to help other people do more too,” she said. “We found very quickly that people are excited to give you their food waste.”

Garbage to Gold is still in its early stages, but Alexina and Antonio hope to expand it by collaborating with other local initiatives to build a network of community sustainability.

And to top it all off, Alexina also founded a sustainable fashion brand, called Shop Alexina, that sells up-cycled, designed clothes and advocates for the secondhand clothing industry.

"The more items we can keep out of the landfill the happier our Mother Earth will be," Alexina said in an interview with VoyageMIA. "We educate our customers about the harsh realities of the clothing industry while providing one-of-a-kind styles that can spruce up any closet or outfit."

See some of Shop Alexina's up-cycled clothes!

Alexina holding up a sign that says "I swapped by mindset" with the word "clothes" crossed out

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Follow @garbagetogold on Instagram or send an email to Visit the Shop Alexina website and follow @shopalexina on Instagram.

Alexina is currently working with Urban Impact Lab as the Program Manager of Axis Helps. You can connect with her on Linkedin.

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