Koby Price

A committed and caring administrative professional.

Koby Price was struggling to find work after being laid off during the 2020 pandemic. Through the Building Prosperity Workforce Cohort, he discovered both a professional development program that fit his skills and a supportive group of peers who helped him realize his strengths.

“I’m looking for an administrative position in business. It’s hard not to feel stuck. I’m really trying to find my legs in this economy with the pandemic.”

Koby started his career as an administrative support professional, and did that for many years until recently when employers began requiring additional education criteria.

Through the Building Prosperity cohort, Koby was encouraged to pursue the Urban Potential Laboratories program offered by Florida International University, a partner of Catalyst Miami.

“I think we would all agree that the program is very responsive and in-depth. Shannon Charles is especially very responsive. He listens. I spoke about being interested in community volunteering opportunities, and he immediately was on it.”

Koby was looking for more than just professional development and employment opportunities. One of his original goals was to activate his volunteerism, community activism, and bolster those areas of his life.

In Koby’s words, one of the most important skills he acquired was speaking with people and networking. It also helped to develop his “emotional intelligence and work with others in group environments.” To him, the fact that it was a “very community-oriented program” made all the difference.

“As a group we felt like our voices were being heard. That sense of togetherness, support, being part of what felt like a team—even though we were each individuals—it felt like a community, a family. Those attributes of the program, they really work for me."

For Koby and other cohort members, simply having a supportive group of peers to talk to and mentors to learn from was a game-changer.