Natalio Moreno

An IT professional with the skills and drive to achieve his ambitions.

Natalio Moreno was struggling to find steady employment when he heard about the Building Prosperity Workforce Cohort. He had done freelance bookkeeping and tutored high school students in math, but he had dreams of working in IT and helping out his parents.

“I was in a down place at the time and I thought putting myself out there would lift my spirits. It definitely helped. I got to hear everyone’s stories and connect with the group… With Shannon in particular, I made a great connection. He told me once I finish my IT certification, to contact him and we can work on something.”

Natalio realized he needed to try something new in order to achieve his goals. When he heard about the workforce development program, he thought it was a good way to get out of his “comfort zone” and make connections that could lead him to quality employment opportunities.

During his time in the cohort, he learned the steps he needed to take, and then jumped right in.

He started working on the CompTIA A+, one of the most prestigious IT certifications, and then the CompTIA Network+ training. He then pursued an IT certification opportunity offered by Generation USA.

“After getting my certifications, I’m hoping to get employed by an IT firm. My goals currently are to relieve some financial stress for my parents, maybe even buy a house in the next five years.”

Natalio plans to complete his certifications by the fall of 2021. But for him, it’s not just about his own well-being—he’s also thinking about his family.

To get in touch with Natalio:

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