A former lawyer in Colombia who is meeting every milestone on her journey.

Rosa Abadia Ospina was a lawyer in Colombia before she came to the United States to escape dangerous situations and find better chances of success. Like many immigrants, she faced the hardships of starting over in a new country, and like many immigrants, she overcame them.

When Rosa came to the U.S., she didn’t qualify for most support programs due to the fact that she was not a naturalized citizen. She lived alone and quickly started facing financial challenges.

She found Catalyst Miami through a Google search and sought out their free tax preparation services so she could start paying taxes.

After taxes, she signed up to receive financial coaching from Catalyst coaches. During that time, she also enrolled in the matched savings program, receiving $300 as a result of meeting her financial goals.

Within those 3 months of the program, she met her goal of applying for at least 10 jobs. She found part-time work and went from making $0/month to $960/month.

Rosa was having a hard time finding employment and paying her rent and utilities during the pandemic. Catalyst Miami provided Rosa with cash for utilities assistance, which her landlord accepted until she found a job. With all her savings, she was able to register for a legal certification course that will allow her to make more money in the future and start doing the work she loved in her native country.

"There are no words to express my gratitude for Catalyst Miami. They encouraged me a lot and offered me different forms of financial assistance that helped me keep up with my bills while I was unemployed. That is why I was not evicted. I am now working and living again. In my own apartment in peace. I just needed a little help temporarily. Without them, my life would be very different right now. "