Lauren Johnson

A high school teacher who provided climate education for 150+ teens.

"CLEAR taught me that no voice is too small to affect change, which is how I was able to enact a hurricane disaster preparedness workshop to my 150 students through the program's fellowship."

After graduating from our CLEAR program, high school chemistry teacher Lauren Johnson was so energized by what she learned that she decided to share that knowledge with her six classes.

For her CLEAR fellowship project, she created a three-part workshop to teach her students about disaster preparedness and resilience.

During the first workshop, the students were visited by a renowned meteorologist from FIU, Erik Salna.

Some students recognized him from TV! Erik presented to all classes about hurricane science and disaster preparedness.

For the second workshop, Lauren brought in a guest from the American Red Cross, Kamalah Fletcher.

Kamalah detailed her work in emergencies and helped the students analyze their individual communities through asset-mapping to determine if their community is ready for a hurricane.

“The connections the yarn formed demonstrated that we all share similar stories, and when we stay connected, we can overcome anything,” said Lauren.

The students also participated in a Resilience Circle, a group share moment where each student tossed a ball of yarn to each other as they shared stories of emergencies in their lives and how they overcame them.

During the last workshop, students constructed disaster preparedness skits and received kits to prepare them for emergencies.

Lauren did a phenomenal job creating an educational, fun curriculum and facilitating an open space for sharing and curiosity. Most importantly, 150 high-schoolers are now better equipped to handle emergencies and build resilience when they occur.

"Before CLEAR Miami, I was concerned about the effects of climate change, but did not know how to implement and affect change within my community. I am forever grateful for the resources and opportunities CLEAR gave me."

Lauren went on to pursue a graduate degree in this field after realizing her passion for the social impacts of climate change, and above all, the power that each of us has to address this crisis and create a more resilient future.